While exploring Spiti through satellite imagery, I found a small high altitude waterbody above Hikkim. I marked it on my watch and hiking up to this lake became my first aim after reaching Spiti. It was November and the Autumn was in its visual glory. Everything looked like Autumn but the temperature didn’t really match it as it was dipping down to -8˚C and it became really difficult for me to believe it was still autumn and winter was yet to come.

Dr. Vikas Rowpa joined me on a Sunday afternoon and after a short hike till 15,748ft we reached the frozen lake I saw on the map. It turned out to be a water reserver that people of Hikkim village use for irrigation. The novermber cold had completely frozen the waterbody so we celebrated our not so adventurous success by cooking hot soup in the middle of the lake. It was pretty nice.

A GPS watch showing the altitude of the lake in Spiti
GPS watch showing the altitude of the pond
Dr. Vikas Rowpa, preparing hot soup on a frozen lake in Spiti
The soup is ready
Barren landscape of Spiti
View from the pond
Dr. Vikas Rowpa and Himanshu Khagta on t frozen lake in Spiti
Sun is shining bright but the temperature is -2˚C