As we were driving back from the portion cleared off snow on the Langza road in the middle of cold January in the white Maruti Gypsy King, Tsering Bodh suddenly stopped and got off the car. Me and Dr. Rowpa followed him and there we saw a small piece of brown fur lying on snow.

Tsering Bodh driving his car in Spiti
Tsering Bodh driving while looking for the Snow leopard

“Its a blue sheep and the skin is still warm.”, said Tsering holding the piece of skin. This meant that snow leopard was nearby, otherwise the -15˚C temperature must have frozen it immediately. After killing the blue sheep on the road, the snow leopard must have taken it to some cliff nearby. We kept waiting but couldn’t find it. There is an old Spitian saying – “You can only see a snow leopard when it wants to be seen.”

The snow leopard was probably enjoying his Blue Sheep lunch that day.