Climbing in Spiti is challenging because of its remoteness and its terrain, but there are many unclaimed peaks waiting to be claimed and when the valley is closed in the winter time, there are many frozen waterfalls that you can climb, provided you are able to reach Spiti and that will be another adventure altogether.

To make is easy for you, I have made list of equipment that I recommend for alpine climbing in this area.

Also, none of it will be available in India, but if you don’t mind the shipping and duty costs, you can always use to ship some of it to India.

So here is the list I have prepared.

1. Tent

Ice climbing in Spiti means walking in ice for hours and that means you might not always be in a position to reach the nearest village. So you will have to stay somewhere and for that you’ll need a tent. Your regular four season tent might not be effective in the -30˚C temperature of Spiti so make sure you buy the right one.


Black Diamond First Light
Amazon | Website

Black Diamond Firstlight Tent Vestibule
Amazon | Website

Black Diamond Mega light tarp
Amazon | Website

2. Ice Axe


Black Diamon Viper
Amazon | Website

Black Diamond Fusion
Amazon | Website

These are the best ones

Petzl Nomic
Amazon | Website

These are the best for sports climbing.

3. Crampons


Black Diamond Cyborg
Amazon | Website

Strap on crampons, good for an all rounder climb.

Petzl Lynx
Amazon | Website

4. Backpack


CiloGear 45L W/NWD WorkSack

5. Helmet



Black Diamond Vapor
Amazon | Website

Black Diamon Vector
Amazon | Website

For big heads, this is a great alternative.

6. Quickdraw


Petzl Ange Finesse
Amazon | Website

7. Rope

Beal Cordes Opera
Amazon | Website 

8. Ice screw


Petzl Laser Speed Light
Amazon | Website

9. St0ve


Jetboil Zip Cooking System
Amazon | Website

This is the faster waterboiling system as yet and it runs on butane

MSR Dragonfly Stove 
Amazon | Website

The best multi fuel system.

10. Carabineers


Amazon | Website

Camp Photon Lock
Amazon | Website

11. Climbing Shoes


Scarpa Phantom 8000
Amazon | Website  

12. Snow Shovel


Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel
Amazon | Website

13. Slings


Sterling Dyneema Sling
Amazon | Website

14. Sleeping Bag

This is a very nice guide I would recommend for everyone who wants to purchase a sleeping bag.

download (1)

Peregrine EX -25 Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear Phantom™ Spark 28° Sleeping Bag – Long
Amazon | Website 

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Bharat Bhushan is a professional mountaineer and instructor at NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and was one of the first person to climb some of the waterfalls in Spiti area.