Life in Spiti™ is possible only because of the support of the people of Spiti, who were always open to share their life and stories with me.

[divider]Special Thanks To[/divider]

My wonderful hosts who treated me like their own for six harsh winter months

  • Tsering Bodh
  • Tsering Dolma
  • Sonam Dolma
  • Tenzin Yutso
  • Tenzin Tsewang

[divider]My adventure partners[/divider]

  • Dr. Vikas Rowpa
  • Tsering Bodh

I now would like to thank these wonderful people for making this project possible. Names sorted according to the villages I have met them in.


  1. People of Kaza
  2. Monks of Sakya Monastery, Kaza
  3. Motu
  4. Myingmar
  5. Dr. Tenzin Norbu (Dr. Bittu)
  6. Tsering Takpa
  7. Dorje Sonam aka Thakur
  8. Ou Gyaltsan
  9. Amar Singh
  10. Tashi
  11. Tenzin Bodh
  12. Dr. Digvijay Singh Thakur
  13. Dr. B. K. Negi
  14. Dr. Arjun
  15. Dolma Butte
  16. Kalsang Tenzin
  17. Anil Kumar
  18. Rishu Sweet Shop
  19. Sanju Sweet Shop


  1. Mr. Tanpa
  2. People of Kwang
  3. Teaching staff of Kwang


  1. Tenzi Guest House
  2. Tsering Lara
  3. Evi Shalkhar


  1. Commando
  2. Rinchin Tsering


  1. The monks of Komic


  1. People of Mane Yongma
  2. Sonam Lundup
  3. Sonam Gatuk
  4. Jeet
  5. People of Kale Village
  6. People at Doagsar


  1. People of Dhankar village
  2. Monks of Dhankar Gompa


  1. Soman


  1. Monks of Kee Gompa

[divider]Tashi Gang[/divider]

  1. Norbu
  2. Tenzin
  3. People of Tashi gang


  1. People of Demul