Pitti - The Movie
Pitti – The Movie

Life in Spiti begins. It is winter now. The time is for spectacular. This Trans Himalayan region lies adjacent to the old Hindustan Tibet trade routes. As beautiful and harsh as one’s first love. Only a few dare to call it home. It is their destiny. The land of Lama’s and Monasteries. This ancient Tibetan culture is preserved and protected by high mountain ranges from all sides. For once, man is one with nature. No electricity, sub-zero temperature, piles of snow. He is on his own. He knew winter would arrive, it would last for months, he is prepared. He works the shovel, there is nothing else to do. Hours of footage was shot over a period of three months in the winter of 2015. The shots which are seen in the video are fruit of unfailing patience. The intent of the director is to capture a day when the wind and snow are in a symphony with the landscape. Enough snow to disrupt normal life, but just enough not to disrupt all life. The aura created by the presence of the tribal inhabitants is essential to the mystique feel of the movie. The music has been composed alongside the shooting of the video.




IMF Film Festival 2016 – Delhi, India

IMF Film Festival 2017 – Pune, India

Future Screening

Digital Box Office Awards – Santa Monica CA, USA
Date – Yet to be announced